ClamAV DirectAdmin installation with Email and FTP scanning

This tutorial explains how to install ClamAV on DirectAdmin using the CustomBuild tool included with DirectAdmin installations. It only takes a few steps to install it! With ClamAV it is possible to automatically scan every email that comes in. In addition, it is possible to scan all files on your server or VPS for unwanted … Read more

How to install NodeJS & NPM on Rocky Linux

NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine for server-side programming. For example: if you use Laravel Mix or Webpack to build your website assets you need to have NodeJS installed to build the assets. Follow along these couple of steps to install NodeJS on your system. Prerequisites To complete this tutorial, … Read more

Optimize SpamAssassin with DirectAdmin

SpamAssassin already works well with the default settings, but there is still a lot that can be improved to optimize SpamAssassin to prevent spam. This tutorial explains how to set up a cron job that updates the spam filters regularly and how to train SpamAssassin what is and what is not spam. It also explains … Read more

CentOS 8 to RockyLinux migration

The CentOS project announced in December 2020 that the EOL date of CentOS has changed to December 2021. That surprised many system administrators because the initial EOL date was set at 2029. CentOS announced that the project focus was shifted from being a rebuild of RHEL to being an upstream version of RHEL. Quickly a … Read more