ClamAV DirectAdmin installation with Email and FTP scanning

This tutorial explains how to install ClamAV on DirectAdmin using the CustomBuild tool included with DirectAdmin installations. It only takes a few steps to install it! With ClamAV it is possible to automatically scan every email that comes in. In addition, it is possible to scan all files on your server or VPS for unwanted … Read more

Optimize SpamAssassin with DirectAdmin

SpamAssassin already works well with the default settings, but there is still a lot that can be improved to optimize SpamAssassin to prevent spam. This tutorial explains how to set up a cron job that updates the spam filters regularly and how to train SpamAssassin what is and what is not spam. It also explains … Read more

PHPRedis installation on DirectAdmin

PHPRedis with IGBinary is a powerful tool to increase your redis connections from PHP. Instead of using libraries like┬ápredis, you can install PHPRedis which is a C library. This dramatically improves the performance when using Redis with PHP. We’ll show you how to do the PHPRedis installation on DirectAdmin! This tutorial is written for RHEL/CentOS/RockyLinux/AlmaLinux … Read more

DirectAdmin Push notifications with Pushover

DirectAdmin has a great notification system that sends Admin messages to your e-mail. And CustomBuild also supports e-mail notifications for new software updates when you use the CustomBuild cronjob. With the Pushover API and the mobile app, it is very easy to receive all these messages from DirectAdmin & CustomBuild immediately to your iOS or … Read more

Block TLDs in Exim for DirectAdmin

In recent years many new TLDs have been added and they are often used to send spam. These are TLDs such as .stream and .lol. The chances of receiving a legitimate email from these types of addresses are almost nil. For that reason, you can choose to block these types of domains by default. This … Read more